The Cloud DVR Platform for CE

Turn your Smart TV into an unlimited DVR. Make your Set-top box into a whole-planet streaming video platform. Give your customers the power to access all their personal videos on all of their favorite devices.

The ShowDrive Platform is fastest, easiest, and most powerful way to add subscription cloud video storage, DVR and streaming to your branded products.

A Virtual DVR

ShowDrive uses your device as the capture point for video, puts the expensive parts of video storage and streaming in the Cloud, and gives you the ability to offer your customers video everywhere, on any screen, without limits.

With minimal on-device resources required, you can add DVR-as-a-service and video streaming to your products, including features like electronic program guide, OTT video search and playback, recommendations, remote program scheduling, unlimited storage, and anywhere access.

Scalable & Secure

ShowDrive is built on Amazon Web Services with massive scalability, flexibility, and security in mind. Each user account is private, all data transfers are over HTTPS, and all stored data blocks are AES256 encrypted.

The Platform

Comprised of our Upload module, Cloud-X transcode system, and Cloud-IO storage system, the ShowDrive Platform integrates easily into PC, CE and Mobile device experiences - placing your product at the center of your customer’s video-everywhere experience.

Cloud X

A massively scalable cloud-based video transcoder, the Cloud-X processing farm was custom-built with a focus on quality and compatibility to provide the best video experience on all your connected screens.

Cloud iO

Cloud-IO is unlimited storage, built on the back of Amazon’s S3 platform. With a global presence and robust infrastructure, Cloud-IO puts your customer’s video into the best digital locker available.


The most efficient way to upload video from your customer’s device to the cloud, the Upload module works in tandem with our Cloud-X and Cloud-IO systems to begin processing, optimizing and formatting video before it leaves your customer’s hands.

With a small footprint and lightweight processing requirements, Uploader can be easily integrated into SOC environments, PCs, mobile devices and work with a variety of operating systems.

APPs or APIs

Use our apps for iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, and HTML, or integrate the ShowDrive Platform directly into your branded app experience with our APIs.

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